I am currently studying in the ninth grade of Tsinglan School, an international school in the south of China. Academically, I favor many subjects including science, mathematics, coding, and arts & design. In 2021, my design was selected as the cover of our school’s 2021 Year Book. I am also actively engaged in many school activities like Student Council ( In Nov. I just led a team to do a Hunted House on the Halloween activities which was a big fun for all the students of the school.), Model United Nations, Environmental Club, Debating, dance, Vlog club, etc. I established Dr. Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots environmental protection team which is the first one in my city.

I love playing soccer, and thanks to Southern China’s warm climate, our team can play all year around. As a member of the Upper School’s Soccer Varsity, I train around 6 hours a week and have several morning sessions at 6:00 am and after class training every week. Now we are preparing for a new season of matches with other team across the province.

I was born in Beijing, the capital of China, and spent my childhood till 10 years old. The I moved to California with my mom, studying in Walnut Acres Elementary School for fifth grade which is a very nice school. I participated in the soccer team, studied oil painting, continued my coding learning, and even won the second prize in the district science fair with my good friends. 

One year later, I moved back to China, not to my hometown, but to Guangdong Province, close to HongKong, and started my middle school in a very good international school. In addition to keeping my GPA as TOP 1 through the years, I have been utilizing all kinds of resources to develop myself. From coding to visual and performing arts, from in-and-out-school activities to community service, from soccer to walking across the Kubuqi Desert — I enjoyed them so much! Now I am planning to participate in robotics programs.

“Ryan, The Strongest Brain of Tsinglan School”


— Ms. Wang Jun, Home Room Teacher 2020-2021

My parents are dedicated to work and always make it the best, and they care about the community, devoting time to volunteer services. When we were in Beijing, my mom took me to do regular volunteer services to a school for orphans and street children, to clean trash along the Great Wall, etc. And when we moved to South, my mom became an active member of the Parent Council, devoting time and efforts to make the school a better place. They make me know what is excellence, independence, responsibility and integrity.

As the parent representative, my father gave a speech at the Middle School Graduation Ceremony.

As the vice-chairperson of Parent Council, she presented the gift of graduation to the school endowed by all G8 parents.

I have an adorable and cute brother who is only 2 years old. I love him so much and playing with him is one of my happiest times at home.