HR Teacher: The strongest brain of School Tsinglan

Original in Chinese:

Standing on the podium for a long time.
A particularly deep feeling is that
teacher is an easily-blind profession.
We should not trust our own eyes!
The most “deceptive” in the world.
Probably children.
If we are not careful
We can be deceived
In an international school with an unusually rich form of vigor
It is even more “dangerous”.

For example, Bai Rui’an.
He’s a very deceptive little guy.

In the fifth grade, he transferred here in the middle of the school year.
He’s very submissive.
quiet, quiet.
Some silent.
In short, at a glance, he was
He was not a bright, intelligent, and spirited person.

He tried out for a week in the class and
His performance was mediocre.
I wrote a review for him at that time.
It was very moderate.
To be honest.
During that week
I didn’t see that at all.
nor did I think that
four years later.
he would become my most admired student.

Yes, now.
I adore Rui’an.
As long as he is there.
I feel very safe in class.
Speaking in class.
Writing, poetry.
presentations, podcasts, and
Debate ……
Any of the language projects.
He is the one who can hold the bottom for me.

My current assessment is indeed
Bai Rui’an.
One of the strongest brains in Qinglan too!

But until now.
If you don’t hang out with him much.
You will still be “fooled” by him: because he still likes silence.
Because he still likes to be silent.
Most of the time.
Quiet in the crowd.
As if wearing a cloak of invisibility.

By the habit of reading people.
You may even guess that he is not a bit withdrawn?
Is not a lot of people?

Then you are very wrong!
Rui’an is not a loner.
He’s incredibly well-liked.
He is so well-liked that all kinds of strange students in the campus are his good friends.
Rui’an is quiet.
But he is actually full of sincere curiosity and love for most fields.
Not only does he consistently have one of the highest GPAs in his grade.
He also loves sports.
He plays soccer very well.
He played soccer well and kept his goal well.
He is a big boy who even loves to dance.
His body is so soft that he can do a one-line horse without any problem.
For several performances.
He was the star of the school, the star of the girls.
Even his Chinese speech, which is not his best.
He challenged himself at the Chinese Literature Week and
He was very good at it.
He always gets the most votes in the classroom election for junior class president.
He never got the most votes.
My classmates told me that
Rui’an is very honest in front of the teacher
In fact, he is very wild with his classmates ……

Rui’an has the kind of vitality that lurks in the calmness and serenity of his body.
The waves are not alarming, but
but quite tough and
Infectious ……

In short, this little guy.
never talk too much.
The temperature never seems to be too high, either.
just has the people.


Little Rui’an in the sixth grade, very childish, right?

Rui’an’s aura.
comes entirely from his little head.
In the past few years
I watched his logical thinking skills grow like crazy along with Qinglan Mountain.
His speeches and debates have become something I look forward to.
Because what attracts the attention of people
may be the momentum and passion.
But what attracts people to Rui’an
is his ability to break down the issues with precision.
The ability to analyze the problem in-depth and decompose it.
His warm rationality.
His ability to filter information, his ability to
integration ability
the ability to connect, the ability to
ability to distill.
transcends age.
Therefore, when he speaks, the
The gold content is often very high.

No, watching a child like Rui’an grows up and
watching him leave us, adults, behind at a breakneck pace.
It’s a great thing.
He makes us aware of our own habitual stereotypes.
It makes us aware of our own habitual preconceptions and more alert to our often unconscious self-righteousness.
Without the accumulation of enough time.
Without a thorough understanding of a child.
Don’t trust your first perceptions.
And don’t make any casual comments.

Let me give you just one example.
You will know how powerful Rui’an is.
For example, this time the broadcast work.
My proposition is adolescence.
It’s hard, isn’t it?
If it were you.
How would you set the idea?
How would you frame the idea?
How to choose the material?

Please read Rui’an’s work first, right?

After reading it.
Are you convinced?
This little boy.
Can he be our teacher’s teacher?
Facing a grand topic.
How to break the subject?
How to focus?
How to use modern information technology?
How to achieve the unity of “people” and “technology” ……
Faced with such a “lofty” work.
I can only express my gratitude to the super pioneering Rui’an.
Super expressive Rui’an.
I offer my knees!

From Rui’an’s first work
to this one in 8th grade.
This little guy.
In his four years at Qinglanshan
He has achieved a rocket speed improvement in overall language literacy.

I now regard Rui’an as my little teacher.
He has taught me to be more discreet and to build up the power of growth.
He taught me that children express their passion in different ways.
He has shown me the power of quietness.
He taught me to be more respectful of every kind of child.
He showed me the power of silence.
He showed me the power of silence.

Rui’an is graduating.
I’m so sad.
Thank you, Rui’an.
My little teacher.

–Jun Wang, Homeroom Teacher

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