I was introduced to mathematics at an early age by an awesome teacher who always encouraged me to “ think like a mathematician”. Well, I am still on my way to thinking like a mathematician, but I do favor math more and more not only because it provides endless satisfaction after I solve a problem, but also because I enjoy the thinking process with logic and creativity.


  • Full scholarship for 4 years of highschool including boarding, 2021
  • AMC8,  Honor Roll 2020, Scored top 5% worldwide
  • Australian Mathematics Competition, Certificate of  Distinction 2020
  • Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, Grand Honor 2020
  • Mathematics League, International Honor Roll  2019 and 2021
  • Tsinglan Star of Academics, 2020

I was initially attracted to coding by Scratch 6 years ago. Afterward, I learned python, and currently, I am focusing on c++ and algorithms. I like coding because it is so amazing to solve those complex problems with just some lines of code, and I would love to utilize my coding skills to solve real-life problems. Coding isn’t coldblooded or boring. It requires observation, thinking, logic and innovation. Now I am planning to explore the robotics programs, looking forward to further developing my skills.


  • American Computer Science League Competition , Individual Top Scores & Team Gold Award 2021
  • Australian Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, 1st Prize (High Distinction) 2021
  • Blue Bridge Cup Chinese National IT Competition (Python ), 1st Prize 2021
  • China’s Shuimu Cup, Best Program Award 2017

I am intrigued by science since I was in elementary school. The beauty of the universe kept my passion for science. This year, I began studying AP Physics I. I did unexpectedly well which boosted my confidence. In the future, I am motivated to take a step forward.

Debating & Public Speech

Debating gives me an opportunity to seriously think about the things that happen in our life. I have teamed up with several other students in our school to participate in debating contests., and I also actively engage myself in the Model United Nations activities and the school’s TED. Those experience has taught me the importance of critical thinking, proper expression and teamwork.


  • 2020 Harvard Chinese Debate Association National Tournament, “Best Debater” in the 2nd round & “TEAM Runner Up” in the final round ”
  • Tsinglan Debate Competition, Best Debater
Wake Forest Academic Writing Campaign

In the 2021 summer, I participated The Wake Forest University Global Accelerator Program Academic Writing Course (online), following the professors of the university to improve my writing skills. I passed the evaluation and received the completion certificate.