Student Council

When I was in middle school school, I was elected to the Student Council. And this October, I was once again elected to the Student Council of High School. I ran for the Council because I care about our community in the school and I hope, with our efforts, we could make it better and better. 

Student Council Election

Holding this in mind, we have already organized four major events to strengthen the inclusion of our community. In November, I led a team of 7 members, making a Hunted House in the school’s Halloween party which turned out to be the most popular activity among all the students. To make this activity a success, I worked closely with my team members, designing and decorating the House, writing the script, planning and rehearsing the process, and organizing the onsite event. Although we had many challenges, but we were so happy that we eventually made it together with super teamwork!

Model United Nations

I jointed The Model United Nations Club two years ago and I have been learning a lot through this unique experience. As a core member and rotating chairman, I not only participate in, but also arrange and host conferences. I’ve learnt how to select topics, plan the agenda, promote the event, host the meeting especially when there is a hot debate, and also how to arrange the logistic issues incl. Food & beverage, and traffic. By participating in the activities of MUN, I’ve learnt to look at issues from multiple perspectives and a global vision.

The MUN is the school’s first club run by the students, and we’ve developed it into one of the best clubs in our school. We hosted our third conference, also the first inter-school conference recently. I won the best position paper award.