Roots And Shoots

As an active member of the community, I have contributed to both the development of the school and the conservation of our environment. One major accomplishment is the Roots and Shoots Club and the yearbook team.

Roots And Shoots

Since I was a kindergartner, I have been taken by my mom to do volunteer service. We regularly visited a school for orphans and street children, cleaned trash along the Great Wall in Beijing, participate in environmental protection activities, and donate to charity programs every year. In 2014, I felt so honored that I had a chance to meet Dr. Jane Goodall and watched her speech to the Roots & Shoots members in China. Her speech has planted a seed in my heart and I realized the importance of a harmonized environment.

Finally I established a Roots & Shoots Environmental Protection team in the school, which is also the first one in the Dongguan City. I hope that through our efforts, more and more students will join us to contribute to a better environment. The current program we are working on is Saving Finless Porpoises.


Dr. Jane Goodall and me

The Giant Pandas Volunteer Project