Visual Arts

I started drawing and painting 6 years ago. Out of great passion for arts, I also learned digital illustration software by myself through YouTube and applied this learning to computer design and media arts. Arts have granted me a perspective to explore beauty and also real life.


In 2021, my design was selected as the cover of our school’s 2020-2021 Year Book. In this cover, I drew a silhouette of one of the school buildings and used the colors of the school to make it closely and uniquely linked with our school.

I also love to express myself with oil, acrylic, water color and markers on canvas.


Digital Art

At the heart of this work of art is the positioning of humanity itself. While some people are prejudiced towards others based on personal and ideological differences, as humans we hardly realize the true extent to which we share our differences. To reserve a place for everyone, mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration must develop from distress and disagreement. We must come to realize that although we are different, we are all bright and full of energy under the same sun.

Analog Art

Those graphite sketches of the size 300mm x 450mm or even larger. This was created to pratice my graphite sketching skill, using famous paintings including Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters as references.

Performing Art: Dancing

I always love to explore new fields to gain new experience. So since last year, I selected a dance course. And later on, I was selected into the school’s Hip-Hop dance team and modern dance team, practicing more than two hours per week alongside 10 dance teammates in the eighth grade. Our two pieces of dance were select to perform at the schools 2020 Annual Year-end Show which became a big hit of the night.

I enjoy dancing. The feeling of using my body to express a message to all the audience is fascinating. As a key member of our modern dance team, I am now practising for the 2021 Year-end Show.