Soccer is my favorite sport and I’m fully devoted to this game. , spending hours both in the mornings and nights training. Currently, I am playing for our high school varsity, as the goalie and midfielder. I am looking forward to keeping improve my skills and competing for the honor of my school.

I’ve been playing soccer for over five years, and even during the year of living in the U.S.A, I participated in the city’s soccer club. Now in the high school soccer varsity, we train for over 6 hours a week, and have several morning sessions at 6:00 am and after class training every week. I usually get up before 5:30 a.m. and commute to school for training before sunrise. Going through the empty streets and running in the quiet campus is a very special and also enjoyable time.

During every season, our team will have many matches with other schools across the province. I hope we could achieve a good goal this season!


BeforBefore I left Beijing in 2017, I played baseball for years. It is a pity that I had to drop this sport because there is no baseball team in my school and community around. But the joy of playing baseball has never faded away. It always interests me and I would love to pick it up again if possible.


Whenever there is a chance, I would love to try some sports new. So in a summer, I participated in a sailing camp. Although it’s just a five-day camp, I learned so many skills new about sailing and It’s super exciting when I could control the vessel and sail for a distance in the sea on my own!