Experience in U.S.

I went to the U.S. for fifth grade. During that time, my English was no better than a traditional fourth-grade Chinese student, knowing completely nothing about foreign cultures. Nevertheless, my classmates quickly accepted me and led me into their life. In that year, I was really fascinated by such a closely related community that has formed between students.

Gradually, I became more active, starting to participate in public activities. I constructed a reflection vision deception for my science fair project, awarded second place. This motivated me, inspired me to seek deeper into math and science.

After experiencing that, I became accustomed to alien cultures and communities, willing to seek and fit into these new worlds that I have never seen. I also applied the same mindset to others. I tried my best to welcome new people who stepped into my field of expertise or familiarity.

Study in Australia

I spent three months studying independently in Australia. That was the first time I went away from my home for a long period of time. That experience gave me countless explorations and innovations.

Fujian Artistic Study Trip

In eighth grade, following the art academy in our school, I went to Fujian, a province in China. This place was extremely peculiar as traditional buildings were intact and still in use. These earth buildings or circular structures created out of mud really attracted me. I began to truly appreciate art and beauty.

Furthermore, this trip taught me the purpose of art. Art is not a competition for the most realistic depiction, but an expression of one’s inner mind. This really shifted my focus when creating.

Traveling Across A Desert

I have once walked through the Hobq Desert. This experience trained my persistence as a child. Moreover, I realized the value of hardships as they always lift our potentials.

Old Beijing, China Times

When I was living in Beijing, at a young age, I explored every field possible. My fine educated family fed me healthy concepts that helped me overcome temptations. These concepts even interested the television station, shooting an interview around how to use your money, broadcasting on public transportation over a week.