Arts Study Trip to Tulou, Fujian

  In the 8th grade, I followed the school’s  Art Academy  to make an arts fieldtrip in Fujian, a province in the south of China. This place is extremely unique for it earth buildings which have stood there for hundreds of years intact and still in use now. 

During the trip, I studied architecture’s unique characteristics and the Hakka’s folk culture. I also assisted in the drone filming of the trip.

Walking Across A Desert And Coastlines

I have once walked through the Hobq Desert during summer. It’s China’s seventh largest desert. Later, I also walked across the coastlines from the east to the west in Shenzhen.

Experience in U.S.

In 2017, I went to the U.S. and spent my fifth grade in California. My classmates and teachers quickly accepted me and led me into their life. That year, I was so fascinated by such a diverse and inclusive community that has formed among the students, and I made many good friends there.

Gradually, I became more active, starting to participate in public activities. I constructed a reflection vision deception with two classmates, and was awarded the second place in the district’s science fair. This motivated me, inspired me to seek more into math and science. I also joined the city’s soccer team and arts studio. 


Study in Australia

In 2016, I spent about two months to study independently in Australia. That was the first time I went away from my home for a long period of time.